Why Homework Is Harmful To Children

For too long, parents and students alike have been fooled into thinking that home assignments provided to students by teachers at school is actually a novel and effective way in helping the children learn and have a chance at a better education. However, this could not be further from the actual truth.

Recent studies have shown that while the beginnings of the tradition of homework might have begun with good intentions, the manner in which it has been adapted today is not conducive for the mental well-being of children. Several theories on the reasons as to why this is a negative custom have also come forward. Getting help at Weekly Essay is fast and easy. Come and test it.

Mental stress on children
The fact that academics and studies more often than not have adverse effects on the psychological health of young students is no longer disputed. Students do homework simply because they have to, not because they want to, which totally defeats the whole purpose of this outdated practice.

  • Burn Out Syndrome: While education and literacy is, theoretically, all about helping a child learn, in practice, these values have been warped by a sense of competition and persistent rat-races in modern capitalistic society. Prolonged periods of mental strain that students put themselves through to best their peers inevitably leads to burn out.
  • Anxiety and depression: Being in a constant state of pressure, makes students develop anxiety, which frequently evolves into depression when unrealistic academic standards are not met by them. This results in drug and alcohol abuse and suicidal tendencies.
  • Insomnia: Yet another by-product of being under prolonged mental duress are sleepless nights and a persistent feeling of restlessness.

The physical effects
Increasing study pressure amongst the youth does not only negatively impact their mental health, but also their physical well-being. These are both direct as well as indirect outcomes of additional strains caused by home assignments. The reason these are not so prominently brought into the light is because these appear to the superficial eyes only over a period of time and are, hence, brought forth too gradually for most to realise what it is that is causing them.

Because of having to complete their assignments, students spend their time after school to write homework instead of playing with their peers. This leads to a tendency to gain weight from a young age. Binge eating from pressure also adds to the morbid rate of childhood obesity. Those who are clever and have understood the futility of assignments are now delegating their work to freelance writers and homework help sites.

How homework is making children dislike learning
Perhaps, the biggest drawback of allocating assignments for students to complete at home is that it is distancing young children from learning the true value of education. This is truly ironical when so many children all over the world are not being able to get proper education and are risking their lives even, like Malala, to champion for the cause of providing education to children everywhere. The problem, then, lies not in the action of allocating home assignments but in the process.

While studying at home can be a good way to catch up with the lessons being done in class as well as ensuring that the mind stays tuned into its attentive nature, teachers should make it a point to ensure that the burden of homework does not increase with the baseless advancement of the educational stress on children. The syllabus should be set such that the children corresponding to that class are mentally and physically capable enough to endure the strain.

Seeking professional help
In this era of competition, seeking help with homework is, thus, a perfectly normal solution to the problems faced by children. The more traditional manners of seeking this help via remedial classes with the teacher or appointing private tutors to cater to the individual needs of the student and indulging in some one-on-one time with him, continues to prevail. However, a new contender happens to be sites that offer to help students out with their assignments.

It’s almost like allocating the assignment to a writer, just like the teacher allocates it to the students. The student explains to the writer what he needs and what the assignment should comprise and other such specific requirements. He, then, has to set a deadline and that is it. Hiring academic writers is becoming a growing trend amongst young students as it gives them ample time to socialise, attend to other spheres of their lives, and do better in class.

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